headstones and memorials


Choosing a headstone for your loved one is not an easy thing to do as loved ones feel that the stone is a reflection of the person the memorial is for. A design can depict a scenic location, a favourite flower or have a religious significance. There are limitless design possibilities for creating a memorial headstone. They include an array of floral, religious and scenic motifs just to name a few. The completed headstone is an everlasting tribute that can be cherished for years to come. There are many beautiful colours and shapes that you can pick from. To see the various colours we can provide, please click here. We specialize in custom designing your monument to suit you as requested.

Please click on our gallery below for examples of the headstones that we can supply;


restoration & cleaning


Headstones & memorials can become very dirty and dull over the years. We offer a full renovation and cleaning service which includes restoration of old limestone and marble headstones and surrounds. This is done by sandblasting the existing headstone or surround and re-painting or re-gilding the existing lettering, restoring them to as good as new!
Also very common is to replace the old existing limestone or concrete surround with new granite while keeping the existing headstone. We can replace the existing surround to a granite surround and match it to the colour of the existing granite headstone.
Our expert craftsmen can renovate your loved ones to bring it back to it’s original condition including surrounds and accessories. We can visit the cemetery and inspect the headstones and advise you of renovations that would need to be carried out.
If you have a specific requirement please feel free to contact us directly to discus your ideas.



In addition to Headstones we supply different types of Kerbing and corner posts for your grave surround that will compliment your headstone design. Cladding/Plinth is an extra feature for the outside of the grave surround that enhances the overall look of the grave plot and makes it easier to maintain over the years.

signs & plaques


We supply place names and plaques which can be provided in a range of different materials styles and finishes. Place name Plaques can be cut to any size to accommodate the required amount of lettering in English, Irish or both. House/Estate name plaques can be produced in any sizes or shapes to accommodate the required amount of lettering and gives a house/estate an original sense of identity.

chips & cobbles


We stock a wide range of Chips/Cobbles. These are numerous sizes and colours available. Click on the thumbnail images below to go to the gallery.

Chips  Cobbles  Pebbles



Grave accessories such as Commemoration Plaques and Grave Markers can be personalized and placed on the grave. Other accessories include books, vases, statues, lamps, and quality wreaths.

Headstones  Headstones  Headstones



Inscriptions done on request, our craftsmen have been inscribing headstones to a very high standard for many years. The size of the the epitaph will depend upon the size and style of your chosen headstone. Here are the most often used phrases...

  • In loving memory of ...
  • Treasured memories of ...
  • Always remembered ...
  • Forever in our thoughts ...
You tell us what you want to appear and we will do our very best to help you achieve your wishes.